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Our Story

Love + Dedication + Commitment = rosbas

The formula in my heart to offer you a special product.
High Quality - Team Work - Service - Quick Response - Satisfaction Guarantee.

After many years making and enjoying my own candles, in 2019 I decided to share my personal product transforming my hobby in a commercial activity. In this way "rosbas" was born. Now, with the help and support of my husband as a partner, we are going to our third anniversary and besides candles, I added these new products, soy wax melts, room sprays and reed diffusers, to my catalog. I want to thank all of you for your support because it is not an easy road, especially in the beginning.

I strive to provide a high-quality product, keeping you and your family in mind, by making non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products that surpass quality standards. With this in mind, we focus in meticulously and carefully selecting all the components used to make our products. I use natural soy wax from locally grown soybeans in the USA, IFRA certified fragrances, phthalate-free, no dyes, no alcohol and no paraffin. The wicks used are 100% cotton, and both zinc and lead free. The reeds used in the diffusers are made of dacron.

My products are handmade in The USA and every step of our manufacturing process is overseen to ensure:

Proper timing and temperatures used during the process

Adequate amounts of soy or base and fragrances oils

Appropriate wicks used to maximize burning time and edge-to-edge wax burning

 Appropriate reeds used to release fragrance slowly into the air